Commitment to SHEQ

Commitment to SHEQ

KBC  will implement the arrangements and procedures regarding Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 by:


  • Compliance with the OHSACT 85 of 1993 and all relevant Regulations.
  • KBC undertakes to acquaint employees with relevant provisions of the OHSACT and the associated Regulations.
  • KBC hereby confirms that they have, or will ensure that they obtain, the required competencies and resources required to perform the work safely and that KBC has made provisions for the cost of health and safety measures that may be required during construction.
  • Ensuring compliance shall include competent supervision, hazard identification and mitigation, the issue of Personal Protective Equipment as required (including but not limited to fall protection equipment, hard hats, safety shoes etc.) and continuous training.
  • In order to ensure that sub-contractors comply they are required to sign acceptance of an agreement that includes these stipulated requirements before they can be used to provide services. (Section 37 Agreement)


  • KBC strives to deliver good quality projects.  KBC is committed to achieve the levels of quality that our Client expect and where possible to exceed those expectation. KBC has an extensive Quality Plan which is available on request.  All our staff is constantly trained and we aim to improving the quality of our product and services constantly.



  • As part of our safety, health and environmental system we have a complete environmental plan which is adapted and implemented on site  Regular training ensues employees receive appropriate exposure to this plan.

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