Successful Project Management

Successful Project Management in KBC is built on the following key statements:

  • Assess Project Visibility – taking into account the level of risk and developing proposals to mitigate identified risks and identify the benefits of the projects to all the parties involved.
  • Creation of a project-specific organization – this takes into account he structure of the project, the individuals involved, their place in the project organization, their roles, responsibilities and their commitments to the project.
  • Detailed planning – the types of plans required to ensure management control; quality effective stakeholder management, and delivery of the customer solution; how to produce plans, including resource requirements and time scales; how to use plans effectively.
  • Management control – controls required, including management, financial, reviews, reports on status and progress, documentation of project initiation and closure.
  • Quality assurance – establishes the quality standard and measures each project deliverable against its specified quality criteria.
  • Effective Stakeholder Management – controls required to ensure effective communication with all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project


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